Poise & Polish

5-Week Series

We are delighted to offer a 5-Week series for young ladies and gentlemen.  Lessons are interactive with small group activities, role play and games. Sessions run time 50 minutes. Sibling discount available.

Course materials are emailed in advance of lesson. Certificate provided by mail. Ages 8-12 Tuition 250 USD

First Impressions & Presence | January 5 – 5:30 PM How to make a stellar first impression, proper introductions, making small talk, positive body language and power positions

Social Graces & Deportment | January 12 – 5:30 PM How to sit, stand and present with grace and poise. Being a gracious guest and host, writing thank you notes. Attire & dress codes for all occasions along with grooming. Natural beauty and skincare.

Netiquette & Social Media Etiquette| January 19 – 5:30 PM In today’s society, our online image is very often our first impression with a lasting impact on our social lives and academic careers. How to define your digital brand, properly answer the phone and leave voicemails,  send emails to instructors and communicate effectively through technology. Internets safety including apps such as IG, Snapchat & TikTok

Table Manners & The Art of the Table | January 26 – 5:30 PM The history of dining etiquette, how to set the table, enjoy multi-course meals with grace and elegance, American v. Continental dining styles, Silent Service code and fundamental table manners

Tea Party Finale | February 2 – 5:30 PM Students will learn the art of the tea and participate in a virtual tea party.

Course capped at 10 students.

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