90-minute Signature Lesson

Poise, posture, and perfect introductions are taught in this session. All workbooks and materials are provided for this session and students learn table setting and participate in fine dining etiquette exercise. Lesson can be tailored to focus on areas of interest or concern.

250 USD

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120-minute Continental Lesson

Beloved by Washingtonian families for it’s experiential European dining training, this session culminates with table setting and fine dining over a family meal. The session bridges the gap between theory and practice providing students with a first hand experience of practicing what has been taught and plays a crucial role in retaining concepts and ideas.

300 USD

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3 Lesson Developmental Package

Practice makes perfect! This trio of sessions provides families with opportunity to customize three individual 90-min lessons over a preferred span of time. This package allows students to consistently build upon training from the previous sessions and session debriefings along with learning recommendations are provided to families.  (Experiential dining lesson included)

750 USD

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