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French Etiquette Series | Art de Vivre

Join French etiquette expert Matthieu Ventelon of HEDONIA as he shares with us in this 2-part series on French Art de Vivre!

The Art of French Fine Dining | May 14, 2020 – 7:00 PM
Learn the principles of French table manners and fine dining etiquette. While explaining the historical background of French dining etiquette, the course introduces numerous practical tips on how to behave in a mannerly and elegant way at a table.
The Art of French Wine | May 21, 2020 – 7:00 PM
Through a theoretical and practical approach, participants will have a better understanding of what is viticulture and will be able to assess the quality of a wine through wine tasting, open a wine bottle and serve it and more!

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Fine Dining Etiquette for Business Course

Far more than choosing the correct utensil, fine dining for business is an art form all its own… Learn the silent codes and unwritten rules that can make any social or business dinner a success.  Test your knowledge with quizzes and final exam.

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Receive your etiquette training from any where in the world! Whether preparing for an important business dinner, recruitment interview or meeting…don’t leave the details to chance. Pour a glass of wine and polish your presence from the comfort of your home.

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Course Areas

Executive Presence

The Art of Networking

Fine Dining Etiquette

Savoir-Vivre & Social Graces

Digital First Impressions

75 min Session Rate | 100-150 USD
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The Art of French Wine

French Dining Etiquette

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