Step into a realm of refined living and elevate your social grace with Savoir Vivre. Designed for individuals seeking to master the art of gracious living, this full-day experience delves into the quintessential elements of savoir vivre, empowering you to navigate social settings with impeccable finesse and charm.


The Jefferson Hotel
1200 16th Street, NW Washington, DC


Friday, April 20, 2024
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

  • 6-hours of instruction
  • 3-course luncheon
  • champagne and caviar reception
  • course workbook
  • certificate of completion


Introduction to Savoir Vivre. Begin your journey with an exploration of the essence of savoir vivre. Understand how this French term encapsulates the art of living well, encompassing manners, cultural appreciation, and an unwavering commitment to sophistication.

Deportment. Convey inner poise and confidence with graceful movements and gestures. Learn to express yourself with fluidity and confidence, whether in social gatherings or professional settings.

The Language of Elegance. Communication and Etiquette: Uncover the nuances of eloquent communication. Learn to listen actively, converse with finesse, and master the art of polite discourse. Discover how to navigate introductions and cultivate lasting connections through the power of words.

Hosting with Flair. Participants will learn how to welcome guests with warmth, introduce dignitaries with elegance, and embody the grace of a refined guest. These skills will empower participants to orchestrate gatherings with savoir faire.

Working the Room. Unlock the art of effective networking and navigate professional spheres with unparalleled finesse through our networking etiquette training. In today’s interconnected world, the ability to create meaningful connections is a prized skill.

Art de la Table. Dining etiquette takes center stage as participants learn to navigate the intricate world of formal dining. From the precision of table settings to the delicate handling of napkins, attendees will discover the grace in dining and hosting, evoking the timeless elegance of British manors.

Dining with Distinction. Indulge in a sumptuous 3-course dining experience designed to exemplify dining etiquette in practice. Learn the difference between American and continental dining styles, the unspoken rules of service, proper use of utensils and develop the poise that accompanies a refined meal.

Visual Impact and Poised Presentation. Elevate your appearance and understand the significance of dressing for different occasions with our levels of dress training. Discover the secrets of grooming, personal style, and the impact of attire on perception.

Champagne Reception. We will wrap the day with a moment of reflection on your newfound knowledge and refinement. Receive a Certificate of Elegance, recognizing your commitment to embodying the spirit of savoir vivre. Cheers!


50/50 payment plan option available at bottom of registration page

This fee encompasses the meticulously designed curriculum, expert instruction, hands-on learning materials, and a certificate of accomplishment that attests to your commitment to elegance and sophistication. We hope you can join us.