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Fine dining & business etiquette seminars for executives and young professionals.  We offer all time formats from workshop to full-day training. Each presentation is  tailored to your organization’s  specific concerns and may include custom PPTs and printed materials.



Executive Presence & Business Etiquette

Executive Presence is the professional “it factor”. In this workshop, participants learn to enhance their professional credibility, communications, and charisma. How to make a polished and impactful first impression, current and evolving rules of business and meeting etiquette, commanding respect and trust through powerful speech and body language.

Next-level Networking

Many of us step into a networking event thinking, “what can I get out of this?”, but we’ve go it all wrong. Learn how become an asset and “super-connector” in any room. You will be guided through the do’s and don’ts from prep-work to follow up. Topics include: killer first impressions, business cards, juggling food & drink, curating conversation and making a graceful exit. Additionally, learn to network virtually in the “new norm”.

Visual Impact

Visual impact training allows professionals to identify any gaps between how they would like to be perceived versus the visual message they are currently sending. Learn to raise credibility and authority via attire selection, professional style strategies and color psychology, levels of business and business casual dress in tech.

Digital First Impressions

Business associates often meet us digitally before meeting in person. How to create a memorable digital first impression that inspires confidence and credibility through email, telephone communications, and social media

The Art of Interviewing

An interview is more than a recitation of accomplishments, but an opportunity to bring the resume to life. Students learn the skills needed to articulate their value, authentically share their narrative, and step into an interview with presence and passion.Students will learn to articulate their competencies, transferable skills, portfolio and unique background in a narrative; avoid generic, rehearsed & high-level responses; project confidence through positive body language, power positions, and commanding attire; utilize your network to enhance your job search and interview process

Fine Dining for Results

Let us lead your next etiquette luncheon or dinner! Topics include: Being a Gracious Guest or Host, Seating & Place Cards, Exchanging Business Cards, Table Setting, Napkin Etiquette, Continental v. American Style, International Food, Hors d’oeuvres/breads/soups/salads, Difficult Foods, Placing an Order, Dessert, Handling Dietary Restrictions, Top 10 Mistakes, Buffet and Banquet Dining, French Service, Tea & Coffee Etiquette, Gracefully Handling the Check, Ordering Wine & more!


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