Corporate & Universities

Fine dining & business etiquette seminars for young professionals. Looking for unique topics? We offer Netiquette, Personal Branding and Executive Presence Seminars in all time formats from brown bag lunch to full-day. Each presentation is  tailored to your institution’s specific needs and may include custom PPTs and printed materials.

Business Topics 

Exchanging Business Cards, Professional Attire, Work space Etiquette, Working the Room, Interview Etiquette, Thank you notes & Professional Correspondence, Email Etiquette, Social Media in the Business World, Netiquette, Cell Phones, Handling Difficult Situations and more!

Dining Topics 

Being a Gracious Guest or Host, Seating & Place Cards, Exchanging Business Cards, Table Setting, Napkin Etiquette, Continental v. American Style, International Food, Hors d’oeuvres/breads/soups/salads, Difficult Foods, Placing an Order, Dessert, Handling Dietary Restrictions, Top 10 Mistakes, Buffet and Banquet Dining, French Service, Tea & Coffee Etiquette, Gracefully Handling the Check, Ordering Wine & more!

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