Workshops, webinars, lunches & dinners covering fine dining etiquette and business protocol. From international topics to netiquette, we offer programming for your company, university or organization.

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Receive your etiquette training from any where in the world! Whether preparing for an important business dinner, recruitment interview or meeting…don’t leave the details to chance.

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Poise, presence and polish  are the focus of our year-long Finishing School for girls based on the French principle of “le savoir vivre”. The program offers international and fine dining etiquette training along with cultural and intellectual refinement.

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Learn fine dining etiquette from the best in the comfort of your own home. More than the correct fork to use, this course teaches you the unspoken rules of fine dining etiquette business. Course available March 31st!

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Workshops, courses, private in-home lessons and group events for children ages 5 & up. First impressions, introductions, poise & posture, netiquette, table setting & dining etiquette.

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Looking to develop your subject matter expertise, become an etiquette instructor for adults or children, or obtain a certificate in etiquette? Look no further than The Etiquette Institute of Washington’s train the trainer program, now available in live virtual format..

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Upcoming Courses

 January 17-21, 2022

  • Presence & Politesse
  • 5-week Adult Series

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December 11, 2021

  • Chef’s Table
  • Children & Teen Lessons

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February 12-13, 2022

  • Etiquette Instructor Intensive
  • Live, Virtual Course

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5-Day Course | Adults

  PRESENCE & POLITESSE | 5-Day Adult Etiquette Course Whether preparing for an advancement in your professional career

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Youth Etiquette Course

CHEF'S TABLE | Children's & Teen Course Fine Dining Etiquette experience at Seasons 52 Audience: Children, Teens Date:

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Looking to develop your subject matter expertise, become an etiquette instructor for adults or children, or obtain a

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The Art of Good Behavior

About Us

The Etiquette Institute of Washington proudly serves DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond as the modern manners authority.

Whether fine dining or business etiquette, the Institute offers customized programming options for children, teens and adults.

Crystal L. Bailey, Director

Taylor Grant, Esq., Associate

Mme. Anne Debard, Guest Expert

M. Matthieu Ventelon, Guest Expert


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Spill the Tea

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Etiquette: Kids & Weddings

Etiquette: Kids & Weddings Director Crystal L. Bailey gave her etiquette advice for incorporating young people into weddings for Baltimore Child magazine. “Children can bring excitement to weddings,” says Crystal

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Holiday Polish| Northern Virginia Magazine

This December, our director shared her top etiquette tips with Northern Virginia Magazine. See the full story here. As a host, prep as much as you can in advance so