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Monsieur Ventelon

Frenchman Matthieu Ventelon is the founder of Hedonia, the first institution in China combining professional Etiquette and Wine courses in the same training offer. With « French art of life » at the core of its identity, Hedonia’s mission is to enhance the lifestyle of its customers through the teaching of gracious manners and formal rules of conduct, as well as introducing them to the fascinating world of wine. 

A WSET-certified instructor, M. Ventelon’s clients include top companies from the Luxury, Hospitality, Education, Travel and Financial sectors who receive trainings to improve the service quality and performance of their team or simply to enjoy a moment of pleasure and entertainment. Every month, M. Ventelon also holds public training sessions in Shanghai, Suzhou and other first-tier cities in China.


UPCOMING | French Art de Vivre Series

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