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Now Offering Virtual Troop Lessons

The Etiquette Institute of Washington is proud to offer programming for 5 different badges and patches* for the Girls Scouts of the USA. Lessons are available for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. We are happy to visit your troops.


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‘Miss Manners’ Lesson
Perfect for Brownies & Daisies!
In a fun 101 session, students learn table manners, grooming, poise and posture, how to be a guest or host, and how to be gracious.

$300 session*

Junior Social Butterfly Badge
A 5-step badge program including: how to hold a conversation, table manners, special and social occasions, giving thanks and being at ease.

$300 session*

Cadette Netiquette Badge
A 5-step badge program including: exploring social networking, proper etiquette for e-mailing, cyber-bullying sensitivity, creating a safe social media profile, spreading the word on internet safety and netiquette.

$300 session

Cadette Public Speaking Badge
Scouts focus on body language, building confidence, commanding their voice, captivating a room and knocking the nerves in an interactive and engaging 90 min. workshop.

$300 session*

Senior & Ambassador Business Etiquette Badge

A comprehensive lesson on the professional skills young ladies need as they move towards higher education and career building. Highlights include an in-depth discussion on business attire for ladies, cover letter writing, interview skills and proper protocols concerning teachers and professors.

$300 session*


*badges and patches not inclusive of lesson

Additional charges may apply for long-distance travel or groups of 15 or more.