Yes Ma'am

An aside to this article is that I was browsing the internet when I fell in love with this site,

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How is this on topic you ask? Well, I had the opportunity to visit with the MOMS Club of Leesburg earlier this week and we stumbled upon the topic of “Yes ma’am” and “No sir” (YMNS). Being from Richmond, VA it was never a question and it still remains part of my vocabulary. But is that just Southern charm? Something from days of old? Being in Leesburg aka Northern Virginia aka a different state than ‘regular’ Virginia, I thought I would ask the moms whether or not they were teaching their children to say “YMNS”. The general consensus was a resounding “no”…”ma’am”.

I’ve noticed some parents will introduce me as Crystal which always causes me to clutch my pearls. I realize we are in uber progressive D.C., but my word! Speaking with some parents there are even schools in the area that allow or call for students to address teachers by their first names. Moms from Northern and Central US stated that YMNS is something used on Southern porches while people sway in rocking chairs whilst sipping extra sweet tea.

I know I will certainly implement YMNS with my children, but what about all the other families? What’s my advice? Speaking with the moms, we came to the consensus that friends of parents and other adults should be recognized with a Ms. or Mr. First Name. Teachers should be addressed by Ms. or Mr. Last Name. That helps clarify things a bit. But at the end of the day…I did not get my Ma’am or Sir.

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