Kristi Palma from the Boston Globe tells us how to prepare for Easter Egg Rolls,

But here are the Etiquette Institute of Washington’s Top 5 Rules.

  1. Dress the part. Easter is one of the few times that you can get children dolled up for memorable pictures they can look back on. Indulge and enjoy the opportunity to don them in ruffles, frills, bows and more!

  2. Teaching Tool. Use the Easter egg hunt as an opportunity to work on manners, sharing and making new friends. No one likes a grabber or snatcher.

  3. Social Butterflies. Encourage young people to truly work on their social skills and make new friends whether it’s at the White House or the house next door.

  4. Table Manners. Use this special occasion to work on table manners with children. Give them the opportunity to set the table and take part in preparations.

  5. Church Etiquette. This is the perfect opportunity to bring up sanctuary etiquette and expectations, from “no feet in the pews” to no running through the sanctuary, instill the value of treating a space sacred.

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